Electric ladies, will you sleep? Or will you preach?…*

*Lyrics from Janelle Monáe‘s latest single, Q.U.E.E.N., featuring Erykah Badu. I loved The ArchAndroid, and am very excited about her next album, The Electric Lady. She’s also singing about acceptance, equal rights, and religious hypocrisy – things that are perpetually on my mind, but especially since the local area just sponsored the annual Pride parade. Watch the video, and await with bated breath the next masterpiece by this gifted and unusual artist.


Above: this image inspired my initial plans for the master bathroom at Project W.

Things I’ve discovered: my House Beautiful subscription ended; Instagram is my preferred method of interacting with strangers; Pinterest is the most useful design tool I use.

After initial face-to-face meetings with my Project W clients, I started using Pinterest as a way of narrowing down my vision for their home, and as a way of discovering their style. Visual language, as it were, is tricky to decipher with only words – my use of ‘modern’ might mean clean and bright, while someone else’s might mean black leather and chrome – so Pinterest has been essential in determining what we all mean by what we say.


Above: when I say ‘modern English’ this is what I mean.

Without this instant tool, the endless supply of images and inspiration, and the ability to garner feedback directly from willing clients (the willing part is key), I doubt I would have such a keen and thorough understanding of their point of view. Plus, being able to show an idea in situ, to be able to have access to professional photographs with all the romance, aspiration and elegance of a magazine, well, I just don’t know what I’d do without it.

Source: purestylehome.blogspot.com via Kati on Pinterest

Above: after I pinned this image to the clients’ board I was able to determine that my clients were open to the idea of open, bracketed shelving as part of their kitchen plan. All from just a simple ‘like’ to the image.

This isn’t meant to be a Pinterest advertisement. More like a reminder: use this tool, and then do something. Pinterest is meant to be a visual notepad of sorts, and isn’t meant to make you jealous or envious (as I’ve heard some people say). It’s meant to inspire you, and to challenge you to start to make the changes you want – to your space, your menu, your fitness level, your artistic sensibility, you name it – and to motivate you to actually do it. You can see the results for yourself, and you can emulate, reinvent, or otherwise stimulate your own creativity.

I know that we have the curse of the luxury of modern life – the internet is never far from our fingers, it’s on our phones which we carry everywhere, and we can get instant gratification incessantly – but this is one of those things that I think makes us better. I know it’s helped me with my design education, and has helped me to seek inspiration daily. I’m not addicted, I’m invested. I’m not a blind consumer, I’m an avid observer. The power in this tool, however, comes from actively using it as it’s meant to be used.

So go on, then. Use it. Pin away. Then do something about it.



  1. heather@hawesphotography.com'Heather {A Fire Pole in the Dining Room}

    The first image: Oh my! Yes!
    Besides the abundance of white, I’m in love with the window. The master bath at the firehouse is, sadly, windowless. I already miss the fresh air and sunlight. Perhaps when we get to renovate that part we’ll be bold enough (and well financed enough) to add one.

    In related news, I just followed you on Pinterest 🙂

    1. So Happy Home Post author

      Oh, Heather, I wish there were a way to ‘like’ your comment! Am hoping desperately to capture a tiny bit of that first image… so peaceful and serene.

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