Cupcake Monthly: July

So, the only time I allow myself a blog title that’s not a song is for Cupcake Monthly. I’ll admit, I’ve missed a few months. I may have to start calling it Cupcake Quarterly though, since my plans for the future include reigning in my sweet tooth. Anyway, several weeks ago, our dear friends Dave […]

Cupcake Monthly: March, take two

When you have a good friend, and they have a birthday, and you’re craving sweet things anyway… well, you extend your only-one-batch-of-cupcakes-per-month rule and say, okay, maybe two. I love baking, and frankly I needed the shift in focus (nothing like watching news, or worrying and crying about devastating natural and man-made disasters a la […]

Cupcake Monthly: March

No, you didn’t miss February. I did. I’ve been working hard on, er, correcting my eating habits, and creating an exercise routine, and I just couldn’t mess with anything tempting in February. But, March is my mom’s birthday month, and I simply couldn’t let her go without a tempting treat on her birthday (what sort […]

Cupcake Monthly: January

Welcome to the first ever (and hopefully monthly) installment of Cupcake Monthly! Recently I came across a site filled with the most beautiful looking, delicious sounding cupcakes ever… so I decided to try my hand at a few. At first I wanted to bake a new cupcake each day in January (especially since all my […]

Summer sangria*

*Instead of cupcake monthly, that my waistline wouldn’t let me actually keep up with, please enjoy this first official installment of Kitchen Monthly. Though I doubt it’ll be monthly. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we? One of my favorite things to drink in the summer is a fruity, chilled, and […]