The calm amid the storm…

Day 3 and 4 have been much less dramatic, and therefore less photogenic.  Much of what’s happening is either more of the same (demo) or planning, and you can’t really photograph that. The crew is placing orders for lumber, and expects to be framing as early as Friday. Although, the mini-drama has been that a week’s worth of not enough sleep, not being able to cook, and having nothing left to wear (we skipped our weekend laundry because we were too busy prepping the floors to protect them from the trampling they are getting daily) caught up with me, and I had my first tearful moment. Much like the thunderstorm that was building for days, humidity rising causing irritability and discomfort, I too just needed to let out some water to let the beautiful weather shine through.  And it’s beautiful today! I also fell asleep while watching TV, sitting up on the sofa, about 20 minutes into a show I picked (Top Chef). A clear sign that I was overtired, and just needed a good night’s sleep.

Today (Day 4) the electricians are hard at work preparing the kitchen for its new electronic devices. Recessed lights are expected for delivery sometime today, after being delayed (annoyingly) twice. Then, I am told, we can “energize” them to make sure our lighting plan will provide sufficient coverage. I’m confident that we have ordered correctly (thanks in large part to a very helpful and knowledgeable electrician), but less confident that the order will arrive before the day’s end. Oh well. Nothing for me to worry about. Yet.

Also, our lone carpenter’s assistant (not sure if that’s his real title) is finishing tearing out the plaster and lathe in the master bathroom – including the ceiling and the outside wall – a change that should make our finished room more beautiful, but will likely add some dollars to the budget. How much? Time will tell, but I’d rather do it right the first time than regret NOT spending that extra $300 or $500 (or whatever) to make the room sing. After that, if there’s time, he’s going to continue scraping the muck (aka: tar paper and adhesive) off the floor in the kitchen to prepare it to be saved.  So far, it’s looking mighty beautiful, with all the character and charm an older home should have. I’m so happy that we’ll have an original element in the new space. Fingers crossed, people!

In other design news, I finally found the perfect gray for our hallway/foyer! I’ve been hunting for sooo long, it feels like it’s been years (maybe it has?). As luck would have it, my Dad gave me some old magazines the other day… I began mindlessly (exhaustedly?) flicking through a copy of Elle Decor from March of this year, and stumbled upon a picture of a bathroom that had light gray walls. Lucky for me, the color was identified! I love it when they do that! I mean, of course colors look different in every space, and printed colors can never replicate EXACTLY the color that the paint will be, but it was good looking enough for me to hunt down a sample.

Elle Decor March 2010, page 98

The color: Benjamin Moore in Cliffside Gray.  Doesn’t it sound romantic? We painted about 6 spots on the walls in different areas, and have looked at it in daylight and evening light. It’s perfect! Plus, it totally works with my whole seaside themed house. (I hate theme-y themes, think more inspiration point, or nostalgic memory rather than theme.) Our entire interior paint palette is intended to evoke feelings of beachy calm, oceanic skies, sea and sand, and is meant to work in winter or summer light, and in rain, shine or nor’easter. Our exterior is clad in cedar shakes that have the most amazing weathered patina, and our landscaping attempts to evoke the looseness of a vacation by the sea, but also respect the formal architecture of this house, and much of the neighborhood.

But, I DO have some non-design pictures to share from the hard work that’s still going on all around. Enjoy!



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