I won’t stop until my tears are all shed… so happy…

This is the AFTER post. There are no days or weeks to quantify, save for the 16 (plus) weeks that have passed full of work (that’s over 80 days!), and the months prior to that full of planning, shopping, drawing, contemplating, anticipating. There are no more major events happening (I hardly think the installation of a new panel schedule for the new electrical warrants a photo shoot). All that’s left is to enjoy. Oh, and completely rearrange our second floor, and deal with the basement that looks like a stage 3 hoarding situation is happening. But I digress.

First, I must thank everyone who wished us well, who read up on what was happening (even if reading up only included looking at the photos), who showed us love and interest during this life altering process (who partied with us on Saturday!). Your support, your interest, your excitement helped when things got tough. Which they did. And when they were going well, your interest fanned the flames of our passion for the project. I am so glad I took the time to blog it out. It made the whole process so much more fun.

I’m having a hard time readjusting to regular life, so involved in the action as I had become, and I’m having a hard time saying goodbye to my 4-month-long BFF Dave. (I’ll get to Dave in a minute.) First I must thank some other people. Team Drywall, Team Frano, Team Plumbing (even though you aggravated me so!), Team Tile! (LOVE!), Team Quarry, Team Stone, Team Eric & Frank, Team Supplies (R.K. Miles), Team Oasis, Team Electric… (I’ll get to Brad in a minute, too.) Thank you, thank you, thank you for your work, your toil, sweat and expertise. Our house is better for having your participation in our renovation, and I, we, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Special shouts out to Brian, Caleb, J.J., Brandon, Tom, Greg, Frank, Dave Norris and Dan Davis of R.K. Miles, and to Team Homefront: Jeff, Bec, Kizzle, Ben, Silvia, Christine, Paul, Dave (Boots), Bekki, Dan, Justice, Gret, Benny, Mom, Dad, Chris, Beth, Young… your support and help meant the world. Love you all.

Brad. Oh, where to begin… Brad, we love you, we are soooo glad you came along and rescued our house from the elderly wiring that had been decaying behind the walls. So happy that your temperament is so well-suited to both coping with 100+ degree temps in the attic to re-wiring fixtures on the fly. You are a master at what you do, and we are so grateful to have had such heart and skill on our side. Thank you. (You can blush in private this time.)

Davey, Davey, Davey… I could do a whole post on the heart and soul of this man. Dave’s biggest fault is also his biggest strength: he cares about everything and everyone. (I, too, share this problem/gift of caring too much. A cursed blessing in disguise.) He cared when we were nervous about the cost of the renovation. Cared so much that he lost sleep (literally) over trying to think up ways to cut some costs for us. Cared when we wanted things to look just so because it meant something for our design. Cared about each color choice, each paint stroke, each extra bit of lumber he felt we needed to make the house as strong and beautiful as possible. Cared about the legacy he was leaving behind. Cared about how we felt about their (collective) work. Cared when I was sickly and unable to do anything. Cared enough about the project to leave his brand new baby son to come down here to sign some permit papers, and, for that matter to leave him every day to work all the way down here. I suppose I ought to spell out his skill and ability, but the pictures really show that well. It’s the heart of the man that you see by knowing him. And that is what I treasure the most about him. Thank you, Davey, for being you. And for sharing you with us. Love you forever.

I might still do a “what I learned” post, but I might just fold that into the start of our next project (coming January: family bath renovation!). Let me just say, perfection is unattainable, but to strive for it keeps you ever vigilant, keeps your eye sharp, and keeps you reaching higher and higher. Learn to let go, of expectation, of perfection, and enjoy each day. That’s all we have, and sometimes not even that much.

Ok, enough mushy, gushy, on to the PICTURES! A few BEFORE, to remind you (us) where we began, and then the glorious AFTER shots. We are a proud, grateful and lucky crew up in this piece. Thank you for reading. The blog will be back! See you soon! xoxo

Lyrics for today’s post title from Lykke Li’s “Let It Fall.” Might just be the so happy home’s theme song.


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